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Powder Paint

Our team of metal coating specialists work with the best  powder paint suppliers to produce coatings in the precise colors our customers require for their parts and products. In addition to colours, we are capable of creating a number of lacquer or coating finishes including gloss, matte, textured.

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Latest finishes in our metal transformations 

After any cutting, forming or fabrication work is done, each item is washed with chemicals to ensure the metal surface is primed and ready for coating. This is to minimize smearing and any inconsistencies in the texture of the powder coating once it is cured and finished.

Top quality paints

Our powder coating line allows us to coat sheet metal parts of different sizes.  This process helps improve the adhesion properties and corrosion resistance of metal substrates.

The best powder paint finishes

Powder coating is applied using an automatic process. A paint thickness detector and gloss gauge test powder coated parts to ensure surface gloss and uniformity. We also assist clients with color matching services to meet specific finishing requirements.

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