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2D Laser Cutting

Helaser cutIt is a fast and efficient way to produce sheet metal parts in short runs or in high production. He2D laser cuttingit presents a precise and clean cut that often does not require additional processing with very high degrees of precision and repetition. We can arrange various types and sizes of materials, as well as nesting parts for serial laser cutting. 

The whole production process

We cover from  initial laser cut to complete finishof the product.  Whatever the shape or finish, Lasertall's precision machines and operators can produce highly complex parts.


Leaders in Laser Cutting

Services oflaser cutting from Valenciafor all Spain and foreign countries. we also offertube laser cutting,  creased,welding,milling,serigraphy,insertableandpowder paint. Manufacturing and assembly services include chassis, card cases, frames and large boxes, complex welds, mechanical and electromechanical assemblies, small parts and precision wire molds. Complete engineering services.

through ourlaser cutting systemswe serve theindustriesofcommercial and industrial electronics, telecommunications, automatic test equipment, semiconductors, computers and peripherals, medical and biotechnology, textile services and packaging among others.

Laser Cutting for Multiple Industries
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